Live: Grand Kinus Hakhel Event at 770

Join Live at 7:00 PM ET: Men, women, and children are gathering for a grand Kinus Hakhel downstairs at 770 Eastern Parkway, featuring renowned speakers Rabbi Heschel Greenberg and Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin; special presentation for kids.

A grand Hakhel gathering will take place at 770 Eastern Parkway for the Crown Heights community.

The Hakhel gathering will be held on Monday, 21 Tammuz, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM at 770.

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The MC will be Rabbi Chezky Wolff, shliach and rabbi of the Chelsea synagogue in Manhattan.

Rabbi Heschel Greenberg, shliach to Buffalo, New York will speak about Hakhel and Moshiach.

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, shliach to Brooklyn Heights will talk about building the Bais Hamikdash.

The event is for men, women and children, with separate seating for all downstairs in 770 Eastern Parkway.

Children as well are urged and invited to join to attend this grand event. There will be a special video presentation will be featured for children by My Maor.

All children will be included in a special raffle for a bike, a drone and a gift certificate for seforim, courtesy of

This will be a grand hakhel gathering to fulfill the Rebbe’s hora’a for Shnas Hakhel.

The program is geared to all chassidim and for all ages, so reserve the date and time and come with your family – Anashim, Nashim, Vetaf, men, women and children!

See you there!