Moshiach’s All-Consuming Passion

Unveil the profound secrets behind the "meal offering" in the Book of Leviticus, and uncover the all-consuming passion that fuels Moshiach's mission to bring about the ultimate redemption. This captivating video delves into the deeper meaning of why a Kohen (priest) had to offer the entire "meal offering" on the altar, leaving nothing for himself. Discover the connection between Moshiach and the "poor man," revealing the obsession that drives Moshiach's every fiber to liberate the world from exile and establish God's dwelling place on Earth. Explore the significance of the afternoon prayer, "Mincha," and its link to Yitzhak's ultimate sacrifice, symbolizing the total devotion required to fulfill God's plan for creation. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to align your life with the ultimate goal of bringing forth the final redemption and revealing God's glory in the world.

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