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    Am I Jewish? my mother was Jewish and my mother mother was Jewish, And my father converted, this is what I have been told all my life, I ask the Aleph in FL. for help when I was in prison in TX. They said there is no records that they can fine. (Patty sue Eplin) was my mother and my father was (Robert Harris ) Do I need to convert like my father did.?? I am at a half way house in Gillette Wyoming. I have ate kosher all my life But not here they don't do it here, I know my hart and soul is for G-D, that will never change. I have no Rabbi to talk to.... I'm 55yr old and all alone. There is no congregation here I can fine.. I feel like A lost soul. G-D needs good people.... So be it. Thank you for your time Rabbi Greenberg

    Is there truth in what Nicodemus wrote about the Messiah ? I have read Christs Decent into Hell, as I am reading over Enoch 1 as well. Why are these hidden writings and which one is correct? Thank you for your time on this matter .Praise be to Yah all glory belongs to Him.

    Who is getting these emails? Let me know please. Boruch

    Rabbi Greenberg
    hi boruch this is motty

    Thank you Rabbi for this great class

    An you tell me the main differences between Samaritans, Essenes, Sadducees and Pharisees? Can you also tell me what sect Rabbinic Judaism is closest to today? Thank you for your time, have a blessed day.